Manage your daily tasks in an easy and comfortable way
Onlytasks is a super simple task manager that you can also associate with an Evernote account, from where Onlytasks will sync between your different devices.
With Onlytasks you can relax and know that you will be promptly informed of your pending tasks, since you can assign alarms to alert you.
Onlytasks tries to be as easy and intuitive as possible, while maintaining compatibility with Evernote notes.
Quite simply you can assign to your tasks a due date, a date and time if you want the system to alert you with an alarm, incorporate notes and also create recurring tasks.
If you see your tasks from Evernote, you will see a nice box with the data associated with that task, you can edit directly in Evernote, and all changes will go to Onlytasks in next synchronization.
Do not limit yourself to any specific task management system, with Onlytasks you can create your own notebooks structure to manage them or, if you prefer, you can create a structure of notebooks that allows you to follow your preferred management system, like GTD or others.
How Onlytasks syncronize with Evernote:
Onlytasks consider every single Evernote note as a task, it uses the note title as the task title and the note content to store the task due date, if the task is completed, if the task have a star and the task's notes. It does so within an html table.
IMPORTANT: To detect data Onlytasks uses some hidden html tags, if you modify the data directly in Evernote please, modify only the data stored in the data box table, NOT modify any other text in the table because it could lead to accidentally erase Onlytasks hidden labels.

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